Thank you for your support!


As we celebrate a day of remembrance, I wanted to tell you how much I remember all of you and your kindness
and generosity that has made such a difference in the following students that will be graduating next month.
(Class of 2016-2017)

I am waiting to get personal notes and pictures, and when I do I will indeed pass them on to you. Three students
will be making great strides to graduate next year, as they were unable to graduate with their class. We will hold their support in reserve for them.

I am proud to introduce the following students that you have supported, thus, making their senior year a joyful and memorable one!

We have been supporting Tara for several years. Her mother died of brain cancer and Tara was put into Foster Care.

She had an extremely hard time, as she struggled to adjust to her circumstances. We lost track of Tara, but she
contacted me and decided that she wanted to finish high school. She had to make up two-three years of lost studies, and just recently gave birth to her son, prematurely. (He is only 2 lbs!) But she is set to graduate June 6. Thank you for supporting her!

Savannah has been raised by her father, who is suffering from cancer. She has been taking care of him, as well as
finishing her senior year. Savannah’s father thanks all of you for supporting her, as he didn’t know how he would
be able to furnish her with her senior needs. Thank you for supporting her!

Mario lives in a residential boys home. He has excelled in high school and even received a scholarship. Congrats!
On April 8, the San Bernardino Sun, featured him in an article on seniors that received scholarships. He is quoted as stating that he worries about his ability to pay for college, but is determined to be the first in his family to attend college. Thank you for supporting him!

Abdul plans to attend junior college, and he received a scholarship as well. Congrats! He has had
to overcome the language barrier and plans to become an electrician. One day he hopes to return
to his mother country to assist his community and build into it what he learned here in America.
Thank you for supporting him!

Nathaniel is being raised by his grandmother. He has worked hard to finish high school, and plans to attend college.Thank you for supporting him!

Michelle is working and going to school, as she has had to struggle during her high school years. She will continue to work and earn a real estate license after graduation.
Thank you for supporting her!

Janet also has been raised by her father, who is suffering from cancer. She will continue to take care of him as long as she is able to. Her father is very proud of his daughter! As are we.
Thank you for supporting her!

Robert & Larry:
Robert and Larry are twins and have been raised by a single mother. They have excelled in sports, and Robert plans to join the military after graduation. Their mother is beyond grateful that both of her sons were able to have their senior needs met. We are too. Thank you for supporting them!

As usual, all of our students are recommended to us by their school counselors as students that have profound needs, and are working hard in their studies. Our students came from Redlands East Valley, Redlands High and Green Valley High.

Our gratitude towards you knows no bounds, as we thank you and remember you on this remembrance day!

With utmost respect,