Senior Bundle Program


The 2016-2017 school year is in full-force, and I wanted to inform and update you on our Senior Bundle program.

We are moving forward into our fourth year of this successful program, which assists needy seniors (vetted by the high school counselor staff at Redlands High School), by providing an individual bundle.

The Senior bundle consists of: cap/gown, announcements, yearbook, prom tickets and a grad night ticket. The cost for the entire bundle is $335.00.

I wanted to thank you for your continued support and generosity towards this program and remind you that you have made such indelible memories for these seniors by reaching out to them in such a difficult yet exciting time in their lives! Thank you so much.

I have heard from our high school liaison and wanted to print her words directly to you:

I have spoken with counselors, I have three young ladies.


We are waiting for the forms to be signed and returned. I have already spoken with the father of Savannah who is relieved that we are
able to find assistance for his daughter for her senior year. He is a single parent and has been in ill health and will be very grateful
that she can have this year a memorable one. She is a fine young lady, with great aspirations.
We have had many conversations since her freshman year.

It is wonderful to see these students grow up into the fine young people they are.

Raishawn was on our list last year, but unable to graduate, so she will be this year. She is a very soft spoken young lady and is very happy
to receive the assistance from Guardian Foundation.

Michelle – I have not met yet, but her counselor will be calling her in to take the application home and have it returned next week.

We will talk soon. Katie

I am hoping to sponsor ten seniors or possibly 12. If you are able to donate towards any senior for any amount, please
feel free to go to: and use the Pay Pal button.

As usual, I want you to know how grateful we are to you and for your tireless concern for young people. It is never, ever forgotten.

My warmest regards,