Back to School 2010 — A success!

The foundation and its generous sponsors were able to give 42 needy kids a gift card (5-11 yrs. received a 40.00 card and 12-19 yrs. received a 75.00 gift card) and fully-loaded backpacks for the new 2010-2011 school year! These young people range from living in HIV+families, single-parent families, as well as living without a family in a residential living enviornment. In a dismal economy, believe us when we say, that all these kids were very happy and grateful. We can also say that virtually all the young people were utterly surprised to receive their school gifts. What an enduring memory of kindness for all these young people.

Here is some feedback:

“Thank you so much for caring for us and helping us and our families. We love all you guys and want you to know that we have been daily trying to pass on the love and needs to other families in need as well.”

“Love you guys so much and thank you all for everything. God bless you all.”

We want to personally thank all our sponsors for supporting our Back to School project and bringing the reality of hope to young people who faced a grim first day or week of school without anything “new.” Thank you for embracing kids, the hope of our future!

Darnelle Mason