Some Facts About Self-Esteem

*Children begin forming beliefs about themselves early in life.

*Children look to parents and other important adults for evidence that

they’re lovable, smart, capable, etc. If they don’t get this evidence, low self-esteem develops.

*Self-esteem affects school success. Children who feel good about themselves and their abilities are much more likely to do well in school than children who often think they can’t do things right. School success, in turn, affects a child’s self-esteem. How children do in school will affect how they feel about themselves. Children who do poorly in school often think poorly of themselves.

*Self-esteem affects how children relate to other people. Children who feel good about themselves tend to have positive relationships with other people. On the other hand, children who don’t like themselves often have trouble relating to other people.

*Self-esteem affects creativity. Children with low self-esteem are less likely to take the risks involved in being creative than children with healthy self-esteem.

*Parents affect their children’s self-esteem. A parent’s self-esteem is reflected in his or her parenting style. Research shows that children with high self-esteem tend to have parents who show their children lots of love and acceptance. Children with low self-esteem tend to have parents who are judgmental and critical.

*Children with low self-esteem tend to have more battles with their parents than do children with healthy self-esteem.

Fifty things parents — and other adults — can say to kids to encourage them

1. You’re on the right track now!
2. You’re doing a great job!
3. Now you’ve figured it out!
4. That’s RIGHT!
5. Now you have the hang of it!
6. That’s the way!
7. Now you have it!
8. Nice going.
9. You did it that time!
10. GREAT!
14. How did you do that?
15. That’s better.
17. That’s the best thing you’ve ever done!
18. Good going!
19. That’s really nice.
20. WOW!
21. Keep up the good work.
22. Much better!
23. Good for you!
24. SUPER!
25. You do such a good job of ____.
26. You make it look easy.
27. Way to go!
28. You’re getting better every day.
30. I knew you could do it!
31. You’re doing beautifully.
32. That’s the way to do it!
33. Keep on trying.
34.. You’re the best!
35. You’re doing much better today.
36. Keep working on it, you’re getting better.
37. You’re very good at that.
38. I’m very proud of you.
39. I like the way you listen.
40. You’ve just about got it.
41. You can do it.
43. That’s IT!
44. You’re really improving.
45. Good work!
48. That’s the best ever.
49. You must have been practicing.
50. You should be very proud of yourself.