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We are a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing relief to children and youth whose lives are in distress, crisis or extreme need.

We provide short-term and long-term support through financial gifts and special projects to enhance the quality of life for children in need.

We assist other organizations that seek to enhance the quality of life for the children they serve.

We are a local, national and international organization devoted to children in need.

P.O. Box 626, Redlands, California 92373

Ways We Help
    • Events
      We sponsor seasonal events such as Back to School adoptions and Christmas adoptions whereby children can be “adopted” and their wish lists fulfilled for clothes, backpacks, and schools supplies, as well as Christmas gifts.
    • Volunteers
      We provide, when necessary, volunteer teams and resources in immediate crisis scenarios, where children are experiencing extreme physical, or mental/emotional needs.

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