Helping High Schoolers!

We are very proud of our 2014-2015 High School graduates! The Guardian
Foundation has assisted 13 seniors in providing a senior bundle to each
senior. Our senior bundle includes:

Yearbook, Cap/Gown, Announcements, Prom tickets and Grad Night tickets

These students worked hard to complete their high school education and we
are deeply satisfied that we contributed to their success!

Thank you to all our sponsors, who care deeply for young people and their
aspirations to academically succeed while in the midst of some very trying



A few notes from our seniors that we wanted to share:

Thank you! Over the last four years you have helped me and my whole family. Not only with senior year but homecoming and genesis and a bunch of other things. Knowing there is a group behind me saying we believe in you is all I could ask for. Thanks for all the support and help. It really means the world to me.

Thank you so much for helping make my senior year great! Without your help I would not be able to enjoy all the fun activities. All the support has been amazing! Thank you for everything!