Helping High School Seniors


I wanted to update you on the High School kids you assisted this school year. Because of your generosity,
13 seniors received a “Senior Bundle,” which consisted of: yearbook, Prom ticket, cap & gown, announcements,
and Grad Night entry fee ticket. Because of your kindness, these students were able to experience a memorable
senior year. Thank you!

Two of the thirteen seniors live in a boy’s home, as they have no family to live with, along with one senior losing
his parents two years ago. He is living with an older brother. Please meet some of the students you helped this year,
and let us continue to bring goodness, kindness and hope to young people at such a crucial time in their lives!

Meet Josh:

“To the wonderful people in the Guardian Foundation. Thank you so much for the opportunities to experience
things I otherwise wouldn’t have. Thank you for making my senior year so wonderful.”

Meet Cynthia:

“Being able to not worry about senior graduation items is a big relief on my family. There are no words to describe
how thankful I am to be able to receive the help from the Guardian Foundation!! Thank you so much for all you
have done!!

Meet Shayla:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys really made my senior year a time to remember! I’m so, so, so grateful!
I just remember getting the letter saying what you guys were going to pay for. So many tears of joy came out because
you guys have truly blessed me and made my senior year less stressful! I really can’t stop saying thank you! But if
there is anything at all you’ll like me to do, I would be very willing to do so!! Thanks so much.

Meet Brianna:

“Thank you so much for all the support. Knowing there is a group behind me saying “we believe in you” is all I could
ask for. These four years have been a little less hectic and stressful for me and my mom as well. Thanks for all the
support and help. It really means the world to me.”

Meet Tony:

“Thank you for the contribution you extended on to me. I appreciate your support for my education and well-being greatly.”

Meet Katie Ridgeway, Redlands High School Administrator:

“The senior students who were assisted by the Guardian Foundation during this past school year are extremely thankful for
all that you were able to help with. This wonderful program to assist students in their various needs is a great one, and one
that helps to establish a support system with the community and the students. It gives the students a great example of
helping others in need and providing them the ability to more forward and become successful in their endeavors for a
bright future. Thank you and we look forward to the new school year coming. Your organization is one that is appreciated,
and needed. We look forward to working with you again.”

Many thanks for your continued support towards these young people. Pictures to follow.

Have a great summer!

All the best to you and yours,