“Fulfill a Child’s Wish — 2009”
The Facts:

The Christmas season is a time for wishing and seeing those wishes fulfilled. There is probably no better time in a child’s life that is more magical than Christmas. For children living with the reality of HIV/AIDS, other terminal illnesses, as well as children living in places other than their homes due to physical/sexual abuse, neglect and just plain being “thrown away,” the Christmas season is especially emotionally painful and mentally confusing. We have the privilege of being part of the process of mending these children by letting them know that they are not “invisible” and unworthy but are a cherished part of our society and worthy recipients of care and generosity.

We are delighted to partner with Inland Empire Residential Center, Inc. (Redlands), River Stones (Redlands), along with youth from various areas of San Bernardino County. We have the power in our hands to bring joy into the lives of these children this Christmas season by fulfilling their wishes! Our hope is that you will join with us.

Your Part:

We are thrilled to be partnering with you in bringing laughter and light into the lives of children. Please look over the children’s name and age list and select a child or children. Please send an email through the Guardian Foundation website your selection and please indicate the child’s name and family number. Don’t forget to include your mailing address so we can send your child’s “ultimate wish list.” You will also receive your invitation with an RSVP (and so will your child) to the Christmas dinner program. You can either donate financially through the website or bring your child’s gifts to the event or they can be dropped off at the foundation’s address in Redlands. Please put your child’s name and family number on each gift! Please remember that these children were asked to give us their “ultimate wishes” for their lists. Sponsors are under no obligation to donate all or any requested gifts. Rest assured, any given gift is deeply appreciated.

The Christmas dinner program will include special guest magician, Danny Ray, as well as comedy skits, games and holiday festivities.

Donations are accepted and appreciated for the Christmas dinner, as we will be underwriting the event for $5.00 per plate. (Projected capacity: 250)