Gallery of Distinction

“Fulfill a Child’s Wish” — 2008

A place of honor is reserved not only as a memorial of compassion on this page, but as a memorial in the minds and hearts of over 120 children and their families, who, in the climate of a severe societal financial downturn, experienced the generosity of the below-mentioned individuals, companies and families. They are and will remain “individuals of excellent distinction.”

Eric Eskew
Joe & Lisa Zichichi
Debbie Nix
Dr. Horace Jackson
Katie Weening
Reverend Richard Cadieux
Robert & Linda King
Vickie Rosburg
Rich & Karen Jarvis
Jon & Lindsay Macdonald
Yvonna Lucas
Scott & Michelle Kiley
Annette Webb
The Buster Family Foundation
Ann Barrett-Gardenhire
Tonie Kennedy & Lynne Winters
Elizabeth Magee Thomsen
Marilyn J. Sutter
Dean & Martha Dalhstrom
Mark & Anne-Marie Buster
Women in Action
Ruth H. Knudtson
Diane Maldonado
Harold & Robin Shelton
Christy Mayes
Law Offices of Manuel J. Barba
Alex & Ana-Maria Druta
Donald Bartell
Micki Antinone
Southern Custom Landscaping, Inc.
The Garden Home Fellowship
John N. Vega
Kallie Rawson
Kyle Larick
Dustin & Juliene Bubeck
Oasis Church (to all the volunteers!)
Jason & Dina Pugh
Richard C. Maldonado & Mrs. Maldonado
Jana Maiden
Josh & Heather Avis
Dave & Alyson Reinhardt
Jim & Tanya Robertson
Jasmine Orozco
Corri Howard
Stephen & Beckie Mann
John & Jacquie Larkins
Honey Hutchcroft
Angie Talavera
Renee Norman & Brenna & Nolan
Sandra Montanez
Steve & Darnelle Mason